About Me

Welcome to my blog, The Thoughtful Voice! 🌟

I’m pretty bad at introductions, but here goes! :’) 

Hiii, I’m Dezzy! (Yes, it’s a nickname.) I’m currently a high school student and in my last year of high school. As you can probably tell by my website title and tagline, I’m quite shy and introverted, haha. Social situations can make me feel very anxious, but I still love spending time with a close friend or two. ✨

I love to read because I get to discover new worlds, fall in love with so many characters, and expand my perspective and understanding of the world. I love that every time I open up a book, I learn new things about myself as well as the world around me. Reading is definitely one of my favorite hobbies; I can spend honestly an entire day just curled up with a good book. 📖

I mainly read young adult and middle grade books, and I love books that showcase marginalized groups such as the LGBTQ+ community and people of color; seeing representation and diversity in books and media truly makes me happy. I actively search for and read diverse & ownvoices books, because I truly believe that representation matters. Being able to see yourself in a book is so empowering, and I will always have a special place in my heart for diverse YA contemporaries. 💫

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Fun Facts

  • I’m a turbulent INFP, but I also relate to some characteristics of the INFJ personality type. These Myers-Briggs personality types are scarily accurate to me. (And they are both very rare personality types! Hehe.)
  • I’m a Ravenpuff and proud of it! 💛💙 I’m actually much more of a Hufflepuff than Ravenclaw though lol 💛 yes i’m soft and squishy and will do anything for my friends
  • Rick Riordan will forever be one of my favorite authors because the PJO/HOO series made me fall in love with reading and introduced the power of normalizing diversity to me.
  • I have no idea what I want to do in my life (yet), and I’m hoping this blog will help me out with that, haha.

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  • Reading (obviously hehe)
  • Sleeping
  • Boba/bubble tea
  • Watching my favorite TV shows
  • Spending time with close friends
  • Listening to music (pop, Mandarin, Cantonese)
  • Learning and growing as a person
  • Helping and connecting with others
  • Dogs (especially my golden retriever, Prince ❤ )
  • Intersectional feminism
  • Peace & harmony

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  • Racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism…i could go on
    • pls leave if you support any of those discriminations, hate and bigotry are NOT welcome here
  • Public speaking
  • People who have no regard for others’ feelings
  • Overwhelming/loud social situations
  • Being left out
  • Conflict

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Thank you so much for taking the time to visit The Thoughtful Voice and learn more about me! I’m forever grateful for your kindness and support. 💓



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Let’s be friends!

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