Percy Jackson Book Tag // making my blog comeback with my favorite demigods

Hii everyone!! ☺️

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s been almost two years (!!) since my last blog post. I hope you all are doing well and staying safe 💛 I’ve honestly missed y’all and blogging so so much; I’m reallyyy excited to be writing this post (and hopefully rejoining the blogosphere) aahhh!!

I’ve been wanting to write and publish a blog post for literally months now, but I kept pushing it off and pushing it off and pushing it off…… until…..before I knew it, it’s now December 2020, and 2021 is just on the horizon (W H A T !!!!!! 🤯). So here I am, on the evening of December 29, 2020, determined to finish writing this blog post before 2020 ends. I actually started this post in June 2020 HAHA – other than the next two paragraphs, I wrote everything up until the Grover Underwood prompt in June 2020, and everything after that, I’m writing now (in December 2020). So this post is lowkey a mixture of past (June) Dezzy and present (December) Dezzy AHAHAHA. I’m sorry if that’s confusing lmaoooo we all knew i’m a mess askldjfds

I really appreciate y’all bearing with me and the chaotic mess that is myself, and I’m genuinely super happy and excited to be back in this bookish space and commenting + screaming about books + interacting with you all again! 💓 2020 has been the most chaotic year …to say the least, and even though I wasn’t active in the book blogging community for the most part, books have been a highlight and brought me a lot of joy this year (and I stayed connected with some of you through book twitter!) 💗

I’m also extremely proud to say that I achieved my 2020 reading goal a couple days ago – 45 books !! 🤩 Even in a year in which I felt soo unmotivated to do anything, I’m glad I was still able to read 45 books this year :’) And the same goes for all of you – no matter how many books you managed to read this year, I’m SO proud of you hehe ur doing amazing <33

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Now, let’s get started with the Percy Jackson Book Tag, which was created by the lovely May from Forever and Everly !! 💓 not gonna lie, when i saw she created this tag, i almost screamed because I LOVE THIS SERIES SOOOOOO MUCH !!!!!!!! ……okay. i’m calm now. i swear

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Joining the Year of the Asian Reading Challenge #YARC2019 // You can never read too many Asian books

Hey everyone!! ✨

I’m incredibly excited to announce that I’ll be joining my very first reading challenge: the Year of the Asian Reading Challenge (#YARC2019)!! The purpose of this challenge is to read as many books by Asian authors as you can, which is such a great goal. 😍

This challenge is hosted by four of the most wonderful bloggers ever: Shealea @ Shut Up Shealea, CW @ The Quiet Pond, Lily @ Sprinkles of Dreams, and Vicky @ Vicky Who Reads. (Click on their names to visit their respective posts and learn more about YARC, as well as sign up for this challenge!) And don’t forget to follow the YARC Twitter!!

Reading challenges haven’t usually appealed to me because I’m the biggest mood reader ever, haha; I honestly cannot stick to structured TBRs for the life of me. 😩 But since YARC is so flexible (as it will be going on throughout all of 2019), I decided to join! Plus, as an Asian American, I love reading Asian books that represent and celebrate my culture. ❤️

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Favorite Book Covers // In which I scream about books AND covers I love

Hi everyone!! 💫

I know…we’re nearing the end of the first month of 2019, and I haven’t posted until now. :’) What can I say…senior year (of high school) has been drowning me in waves of work, and it doesn’t help that I’ve developed senioritis, LOL. and no, i still haven’t learned how to stop procrastinating…i need help, pls teach me

Anyway, I’m excited to start off my year of blogging by sharing my favorite book covers!! (Yes, I’m writing an entire post dedicated to my favorite book covers, because they deserve it.) I have so much appreciation for designers; they are honestly SO. FREAKING. TALENTED. Prepare to feast your eyes upon the most beautiful, eye-catching, aesthetically pleasing and gorgeous covers ever (in my opinion, and hopefully your opinion too 👀) 😍

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Non-Bookish Favorites of 2018 + Mini Wrap-Up // Yes, I actually like things other than books

Happy New Year’s Eve!! 🎉🎊

Since today is the last day of 2018 (😱 I’m still shook), I’m here to share my non-bookish favorite things of 2018!! And yes, I’m just as surprised as you are: I enjoy doing things other than reading. books are my first love though, don’t worry

Specifically, in my free time (more like in my “i should be doing homework and other productive things” time), I love to marathon TV shows, watch movies, and listen to music!! (I know, these are very basic hobbies, but I LOVE DOING THEM AND THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS.) 💓

And because this is a book blog, and I can’t write one post without mentioning books, I’ll list a few books that should’ve made my favorite books of 2018 post, but didn’t because i was too lazy to write more. Lastly, I’ll end this post with a list of what I accomplished this year & my 2019 goals, as a way to wrap up 2018. 🌟

Excited? I sure am, hehe. Let’s get started!! 💫

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Favorite Books of 2018 // My best year of reading diverse books

Hi everyone! ✨

I hope you all had a merry Christmas (if you celebrate it) and are enjoying your holiday season! Sending you all my love and good vibes. 🌟

I’m so sorry for my unplanned blogging hiatus – it’s been stressful and overwhelming over the past month, due to school and finals and life in general. 🙃 But no worries! I’m finally on winter break (actually, I’ve been on break for over a week now), and I’m so grateful for this three-week vacation from school. 😌 i really need it

With only a few more days until the new year (how???), I’m going to share my favorite reads of 2018 with you all!! I’m SO excited about this post, because 2018 has been such an amazing year for me, bookish wise. 📚

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