Rating System

Five stars 😍

I absolutely loved this book with all my heart and it was close to perfection, in my opinion.

This book may have destroyed me, made me really emotional, caused me to smile or laugh uncontrollably, or even all three.Β 

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Four stars ☺️

I really enjoyed this book overall and found it to be a great read, but I felt like something was missing for it to be a 5-star read.

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Three stars πŸ™‚

I liked this book, but it wasn’t anything special and didn’t “wow” me. There may have been aspects in the book that I did not enjoy or had problems with.

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Two stars πŸ˜•

I didn’t enjoy this book overall and found it to be boring or uninteresting, but there were a few redeeming qualities or parts that I liked.

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One star 😬

I strongly disliked this book and did not enjoy any of it. It was flat, boring, and yawn-inducing, and I couldn’t find anything good to say about this book.Β Or, it was problematic & offensive and contained hateful messages of bigotry. Either way, I don’t recommend this book at all.

I rarely give one-star ratings, so if you see that I’ve rated a book one-star, that means I truly disliked it with all my heart.