Percy Jackson Book Tag // making my blog comeback with my favorite demigods

Hii everyone!! ☺️

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s been almost two years (!!) since my last blog post. I hope you all are doing well and staying safe πŸ’› I’ve honestly missed y’all and blogging so so much; I’m reallyyy excited to be writing this post (and hopefully rejoining the blogosphere) aahhh!!

I’ve been wanting to write and publish a blog post for literallyΒ months now, but I kept pushing it off and pushing it off and pushing it off…… until…..before I knew it, it’s now December 2020, and 2021 is just on the horizon (W H A T !!!!!! 🀯).Β So here I am, on the evening of December 29, 2020, determined to finish writing this blog post before 2020 ends. I actually started this post in June 2020 HAHA – other than the next two paragraphs, I wrote everything up until the Grover Underwood prompt in June 2020, and everything after that, I’m writing now (in December 2020). So this post is lowkey a mixture of past (June) Dezzy and present (December) Dezzy AHAHAHA. I’m sorry if that’s confusing lmaoooo we all knew i’m a mess askldjfds

I really appreciate y’all bearing with me and the chaotic mess that is myself, and I’m genuinely super happy and excited to be back in this bookish space and commenting + screaming about books + interacting with you all again! πŸ’“ 2020 has been the most chaotic year …to say the least, and even though I wasn’t active in the book blogging community for the most part, books have been a highlight and brought me a lot of joy this year (and I stayed connected with some of you through book twitter!) πŸ’—

I’m also extremely proud to say that I achieved my 2020 reading goal a couple days ago – 45 books !! 🀩 Even in a year in which I felt soo unmotivated to do anything, I’m glad I was still able to read 45 books this year :’) And the same goes for all of you – no matter how many books you managed to read this year, I’m SO proud of you hehe ur doing amazing <33

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Now, let’s get started with the Percy Jackson Book Tag, which was created by the lovely May from Forever and Everly !! πŸ’“ not gonna lie, when i saw she created this tag, i almost screamed because I LOVE THIS SERIES SOOOOOO MUCH !!!!!!!! ……okay. i’m calm now. i swear

May designed and drew all of the amazing graphics for each prompt, I’m in loveeee 😍 I’m so excited to do this tag, because (if you didn’t know already) Percy Jackson is quite literally my favorite series of all time and will always have a special place in my heart πŸ’™ I’m currently rereading the PJO series for the 3rd time (just finished The Titan’s Curse hehe) and I’m enjoying it so much; it’s making me so happy !! ☺️ I’m so hyped for the live action series, IT’S WHAT WE DESERVE KSDJFKSDJFKD

yes i’m gonna be screaming throughout this entire post. yes this is gonna be a very long post. yes you’re gonna be annoyed by me. deal with it.

Also, thank you May for creating this tag and singlehandedly reviving my blog because as a true Percy Jackson fan, how can I NOT do this incredible tag? 😍 Coming back with a (unnecessarily long) Percy Jackson book tag post, love that for me 😌 Hehe okay, enough rambling now….. let’s get started πŸ‘€

Note: there are 18 prompts for this tag, but I won’t be doing all of them! or else this post would be wayyyy too long askldfjs

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  • Thank the person who tagged you and link to their post.
  • Link to the original creator: May @ Forever and Everly! Please note that she made the artwork/graphics, if using them. *If you care about graphics having a clear quality, make it big enough so that the dimensions are 1103 x 175!
  • Match books with the given prompts.
  • Tag however many people as wanted!
  • Copy-paste the rules and list of prompts.
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1 percy

…lol this is a tough one to answer. Tbh 2020 has not been a great year in terms of reading 5-star books for me (actually, it hasn’t been great in terms of everything lmfao,, but i digress). It’s already June and I still haven’t read a 5-star book so far this year, which is so sad πŸ˜” I just want a 5-star read @ universe !! I just want a book that I unequivocally fall in love with and cannot put down for the life of me and can’t stop thinking about the characters because they own my entire heart and I would do anything for them……that’s all I want πŸ˜” is that so hard???

Lol sorry went on a mini rant there. Anyways, as you can tell, I just want to read a 5-star book, but alas, the universe said no❀️ That’s not to say that I haven’t read great books this year (I have plenty of 4-star reads), but I just haven’t read a book that speaks to my soul (yet). :’) I think that’s why I’ve been rereading my favorite books lately – my only 5-star reads so far in 2020 have been rereads, which don’t really count in my opinion? :’) So I’ll mention two books for this prompt – one a reread, and the other one not!


So I randomly decided to reread Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman in April, because I have the hardcover of this book and I was (still am) reallyyyy tired of ebooks, which is the only format I’m reading my books in nowadays since obviously libraries aren’t open. I ended up rereading all 500 pages of this book in one sitting, haha. I honestly didn’t expect to do that, but once I started Thunderhead, I couldn’t put it down. It’s such an incredible book and definitely my favorite one in the Arc of a Scythe series. So many emotional rollercoasters, plot twists, heartwrenching journeys……Neal Shusterman is amazing at writing intriguing & thought-provoking storylines that you just can’t put down. Aahhhh this is such a good series !! πŸ€©πŸ§ βš”οΈ

β€œIn time, all storms settle to a pleasant breeze.”

going off script

Going Off Script by Jen Wilde is my only 4.5-star read of the year so far, haha, and I read it wayyy back in January. wow January literally feels like a lifetime ago….. It’s not a perfect book by any means, but I really enjoyed reading it because it brought me so much joy ☺️ The f/f romance is super cute and sweet and I loved it so much!! One character REALLY got me heated (lmao if you’ve read the book, you’ll know who I’m talking about), I literally wanted to punch him so many times throughout the book smh 😀 i swear i’m not a violent person πŸ‘€ Anyway, if you’re in the mood for a heartwarming & cute contemporary about the TV industry, definitely check out Going Off Script!! πŸŽ₯🌸✨

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2 annabeth

I went on Goodreads to check when I read The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, and to my surprise, I read it almost two years ago (July 2018)!! That’s honestly wild, because it doesn’t feel like that long ago when I read it?? Time is so wack, y’all. especially rn in quarantine lmao like how tf are we over halfway thru June already ??? Wild. Ahhh Evelyn Hugo is such an AMAZING read; Taylor Jenkins Reid really crafted such a compelling and captivating plot, balancing the past & present storylines so well. There were a few parts when my jaw literally dropped and I literally had to put down my book for a bit, because I COULD NOT believe what had happened. My mind was blown 🀯 Everything came together so well and I was just truly shook!! 🎬🌹🌈

“When you realize you can tell someone your truth, when you can show yourself to them, when you stand in front of them bare and their response is ‘you’re safe with me’- that’s intimacy.”

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3 grover

Our Year of Maybe by Rachel Lynn Solomon!! This was one of my most anticipated 2019 releases, and I ended up enjoying it so much. I loved how well-developed and complex all the character relationships were, from the friendships to the romance. Rachel Lynn Solomon’s writing is so engaging & fun to read, I basically flew through this book. I felt so. many. emotions. while reading this!! :’) I looooved the character development – I loved the person that Sophie grew to be by the end of the book. And Peter and Sophie’s relationship was so complex & intriguing and my heart hurt so much for Sophie at times 😭 This emotional contemporary deserves so much more love !! πŸŽΆπŸŒ·πŸ’™

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Fun author’s note: this is now present Dezzy (in Dec. 2020) writing again. haha

Lol is it cheating if I mention the PJO series in this Percy Jackson book tag? Seriously though, I can’t think of a better book (or book series) for this prompt. Like, I have SO much nostalgia attached to this series and it’ll always have a special place in my heart πŸ’™ I’m so thankful for PJO for kickstarting my love for fantasy & adventure books and helping me recognize the power that books have to spread joy and laughter. As I mentioned earlier, I reread this series earlier this year, and even though I’m older now, these books still gave me just as much happiness and laughter as it did back when I was in middle school. πŸ—½πŸ–‹βš‘οΈ

Also, Percy will forever be one of my FAVORITE characters ever. I will not accept any slander against him (if it even exists) 😀 HE’S THE BEST 🀩

β€œWith great power… comes great need to take a nap. Wake me up later.”

The first book that popped into my head when I saw this prompt was Raybearer by Jordan Ifueko, in regards to the bond between the main character, Tarisai, and her council siblings πŸ’› I recently finished this book earlier this month, and honestly, WOW. This book is incredible and deserving of all the hype it has (and more). Raybearer made me feel all the emotions and drew me in from the very start until the very last page – I never felt bored even once. I was absolutely blown away by the beautifully complex world-building and the rich, diverse cast of characters. Like omg, don’t even get me started on the characters!! They are all so strong and amazing in their own way, and I especially enjoyed Tarisai’s character arc & growth throughout the course of the book. She grew so much from the start of the book and finally learned how to take her life into her own hands, discovering what her true purpose is. She would do anything for her nation and to make the world a better place, and I admire her strength and devotion so much!! So proud of her πŸ˜­β˜€οΈπŸ‘‘

If you’d like to read more of my thoughts on this absolutely amazing & captivating book, here is my 5-star Goodreads review πŸ‘€

β€œUniformity is not unity. Silence is not peace.”

DEFINITELY Red, White, & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston!! I don’t think I’ve ever screamed about this book on my blog, because I stopped blogging in January 2019 and I first read this in May 2019. But oh my goodness, RWRB was one of my favorite books of 2019 and honestly, one of my favorite books EVER. I’ve recommended this book to basically all of my friends, and I’m proud to say that 4-5 of them have read it because of me and LOVED it as well,, love that for me 😌😌 This book is so well-loved in the book community, and for good reason. RWRB broke my heart and mended it at the same time – it made me so emotional and gave me soooo much joy & hope for the future. This is such a touching, tender, emotional, hilarious, entertaining, and absolutely wonderful book, brimming with hope and joy and love and happiness and so much more. Alex and Henry (and their entire squad) really have my entire heart β€οΈπŸ’™ brb just going to reread this book again…..

β€œThinking about history makes me wonder how I’ll fit into it one day, I guess. And you too. I kinda wish people still wrote like that. History, huh? Bet we could make some.”

Haha I guess that’s a nice transition to this prompt, because. yes. I’m going to mention Casey McQuiston again: One Last Stop. I am SO incredibly excited for their next book, coming out in 2021. Casey’s writing, time travel, New York, AND it’s sapphic?????? Honestly, can time just go by faster so I can get my hands on this book?! 😭 I absolutely cannot wait to read this ahhhh!! All the ratings and reviews I’ve seen so far have been nothing short of 5 stars, which is only amplifying my excitement for this book. I have the utmost confidence that I’ll rate this 5 stars too, because how could I not?! Don’t mind me, I’m just going to be counting down the days to June 1, 2021 :’) πŸšžπŸ™πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ

Sooo I started Avatar: The Last Airbender earlier this year and finished the show in May, and ever since, I’ve been craving allll the ATLA content because. omg. this show is AMAZING and I honestly can’t believe I didn’t watch it sooner. And so I picked up The Kyoshi Novels in July, and WOW. I absolutely LOVED these books, especially the 2nd one (The Shadow of Kyoshi). The Kyoshi Novels follow Kyoshi, the Avatar before Aang, on her unique and tumultuous journey in becoming the Avatar and saving the world from a spiritual threat. These books were so intense and emotional and I was SO scared to reach the end because I knew it would just break my heart, and it did :’) These books were painπŸ’” but honestly? WORTH IT. And not to mention, these books are so gay – Kyoshi is a bicon, and I loved the f/f romance in this series so much 😭 If you love ATLA just as much as I do, I definitely highly recommend these books to satisfy your ATLA cravings and learn more about what the ATLA world was like before the show + the powerful bi Avatar that is Kyoshi!! β›°πŸ”₯πŸ‰

“To live in balance, we must willingly decide not to take all that we can from the world, and from others.”

Page Break

Ahhhh this post was so fun to write; I genuinely feel so happy and excited writing this rn, hehe. I’d almost forgotten how much I love blogging – I’m really happy to be semi-back ☺️

I’m not going to tag anyone, because I’m not sure who has done this tag already (haha I know I’m super late to this tag anyways). But if you’re reading this and you haven’t done this tag yet, feel free to consider yourself tagged! I’d love to read your post 🀩 (The list of prompts is at the bottom of May’s original post).

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Have you read any of the books I mentioned in this post? What were your favorite books of 2020? How many books did you read this year?

Do you love Percy Jackson or ATLA as much as I do? Who are your favorite characters? Please let me know hehe, I’d love to chat with you or catch up with you in the comments ❀

Since this is my first & probably last post of 2020 (lol), I’m wishing you all the best for 2021 !! Sending so many good vibes & love to you as the new year begins βœ¨πŸ’“

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Let’s be friends!

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33 thoughts on “Percy Jackson Book Tag // making my blog comeback with my favorite demigods

  1. Welcome back to the blogsphere! I loved Evelyn Hugo so much I read it twice within six months of each other – there was just something about that novel that made me feel like I was reading a real actor’s biography and I can’t believe she’s not a real person.

    I’ve only read the first two Percy Jackson books but I would already die for Annabeth Chase – though I was kind of already smitten before I even started the series.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thank you so much! πŸ’• omg i love that you reread Evelyn Hugo within 6 months, honestly after writing this post i really want to reread it as well! i 100% agree that she felt so real – her character was so well-written and complex and just so deeply human.

      haha Annabeth is the BEST i love her 🀩 i hope you enjoy the rest of the PJO series (and the Heroes of Olympus series if you decide to read it) – they are truly such wonderful & entertaining books ☺️


  2. DEZZYYYYYYYY YAYYYYY YOU’RE BACK!! these are all such great answers and I had so much fun! also I would actually do anything to read one last stop omg I’m so impatienttttt!! also stop now I’m tempted to reread going off script to win my reading challenge instead of cheating with a short story hfdfgd

    Liked by 1 person

    • right?! Evelyn Hugo is just such a brilliantly written book and i could scream about it forever, i’m glad you share my sentiments haha πŸ’š and i hope you enjoy Raybearer as much as i did, whenever you read it! it’s such a beautiful YA fantasy 😊 and thank you so much!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. i’m SO SO happy to see that you’re back to blogging, dezzy!!! and i’m very honored you chose my tag to be the first thing you posted πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί i am also very happy that you loved the kyoshi series as much as you did, and i definitely was so nervous about the end of the shadow of kyoshi (both because of a certain antagonist, and because i didn’t want it to end!). and YES raybearer is perfect for the sibling/family prompt!! i love tarisai and dayo’s relationship so much 😭😭

    Liked by 1 person

    • May your comment made me smile so much, thank you for your support!! πŸ˜­πŸ’• i’ve truly missed blogging so much because of wonderful people like you, and i’m happy to be back! ☺️ and of course haha, when i saw you made a PJO book tag way back in May, i knew i had to do it hehe

      yes omg, the ending of The Shadow of Kyoshi destroyed me yet healed me at the same time aahhh. and RIGHT Tarisai & Dayo have my entire heart, i love they love & support each other so much πŸ’“

      Liked by 1 person

  4. ahh dezzy welcome back!!! i love your blogging voice so much already πŸ₯Ί and congratulations on meeting your reading goal πŸ’–πŸ’–

    i also adore pjo and desperately need to reread it soon because it’s been so long since i last read it! also omg i agree, thunderhead was so good – the author has a way of keeping you hooked throughout 😭 and i’ve only heard amazing things about the seven husbands of evelyn hugo and raybearer so i need to read both asap!!

    this was so much fun to read and happy new year πŸ₯°

    Liked by 1 person

    • aww Ash you are so sweet, thank you so much πŸ˜­πŸ’“ your comment made my day and i truly appreciate your kind words!!

      i hope you enjoy your PJO reread whenever you get around to doing it!! i can confirm that you’ll feel a lot of nostalgia and love for the characters hehe. and yes omg i was sooo captivated by Thunderhead that i didn’t put it down for 5 hours, aka when i finished the entire book haha 🀩 and omg i’m so excited for you to read Evelyn Hugo and Raybearer!! let me know your thoughts when you read them, i hope you enjoy them as much as i did ☺️

      ty again!! happy new year, i hope 2021 brings you a lot of wonderful reads and great memories πŸ’ž

      Liked by 1 person

  5. omg dezzy i followed you while you were on hiatus and i’m so glad that i’m seeing a post from you on my reader!! i can’t wait for one last stop too 😭 i haven’t seen anyone dislike it and ahhh, it just sounds so good. i’m so excited to see casey mcquiston write f/f romance πŸ₯Ί

    Liked by 1 person

    • aww Caitlin thank you so much!! you are so kind and i really appreciate your lovely comment πŸ˜­πŸ’• (and thank you for following me even when i wasn’t posting haha) and SAME omg i’ve seen nothing but raving reviews for One Last Stop and i absolutely loved Casey’s writing for RWRB, so i know that OLS is gonna absolutely blow me away (esp since it’s f/f!!) 🀩


  6. dezzy, i am so happy to hear from you again! i’ve been keeping up with your reads on goodreads, and i am so glad you achieved your goal and had overall some amazing reads this year!

    i really want to re-read battle of labyrinth and the last olympian this year. seeing so many people re-reading this series has inspired me and i love it so much, i know i’ll enjoy revisiting it! especially because the last olympian is such an epic conclusion!

    i also didn’t have many 5 stars this year. most of them were re-reads, and i think i only gave two 5-star ratings for new books i read in 2020. it definitely was not the strongest reading year ):

    going off script is the only book left by jen wilde i need to read, and it looks so interesting, it gives me sonny with a chance vibes lol i’m curious about the character that got you angry, though!

    i am glad you loved red, white & royal blue so much! it wasn’t a favorite of mine and i found a bit too cringey, but i am glad that throughout the tough year of 2020, it was a comforting read for you.

    i hope you have an amazing 2021! i’m so glad you’re back!

    Liked by 1 person

    • aww omg Lais you are so kind, thank you so much!! i’m really happy to be back and it’s amazing to talk to you again too 😊

      haha i’ve also noticed that a lot of people have been rereading PJO, and i love it!! i hope you enjoy The Battle of the Labyrinth and The Last Olympian whenever you get around to rereading them – those are my favorite books of the series (although i love them all, ofc) 🀩 i actually haven’t finished rereading The Last Olympian but hopefully i’ll finish it soon, and then i might want to reread The Heroes of Olympus as well LOL

      i’m sorry to hear that you didn’t have a lot of 5-star reads either :’) i definitely feel you on that. and oMG SAME lol – most of my 5-star ratings in 2020 were for rereads, and i basically only had 2 new books that i rated 5-stars – Raybearer and The Shadow of Kyoshi πŸ˜… i think i just became a more critical reader in 2020 haha :’) and also just like. 2020, y’know. hopefully 2021 will bring us both more 5-star reads, fingers crossed ☺️

      ahh i hope you do decide to read Going Off Script, it was really cute and made me so happy! haha let me know whenever you read it and i’ll rant to you about that character that got me all heated πŸ˜‚

      thank you so much for your sweet comment, i always love chatting with you 😊 happy new year!! i hope you’ll discover a lot of amazing reads and fun memories in 2021 πŸ’—

      Liked by 1 person

  7. HI DEZZY! the first thing i thought when i read this- your blogging voice is so amazing and i already KNOW that we’re going to be friends because percy jackson AND atla?!?! it’s literally a dream come true!!
    i loved your answers to these questions, and i love most of the books you mentioned as well! i’m so glad that you’re back to blogging, dezzy! πŸ’•and i can’t wait to read more of your posts!

    Liked by 1 person

    • awww Aditi omg you are SO sweet thank you so much!! πŸ’“ hehe YES i already know we’re gonna be friends – anyone who loves both ATLA and PJO is automatically my friend bc it’s clear you have good taste 😌 thank you so much for reading & for this lovely comment! i’m really excited to read more of your posts as well and continue interacting & chatting with you πŸ’•

      Liked by 1 person

  8. ahh dezzy!! i’m so sorry this comment is so late!! i’m a new follower to your blog, but it was so amazing to see your post pop up in my reader!! you seemed like such a genuine, and kind person through our previous interactions on my blog and i adore your blogging voice!! i love PJO so so much, but i’m yet to watch ATLA!! hopefully i find the time to soon!! happy new year, i loved reading your answers!! ❀❀

    Liked by 1 person

    • ahaha no worries Ahaana! omg thank you so much for your kind words and support, you don’t know how much that means to me – you are so sweet πŸ˜­πŸ’“ aahhhh yes PJO is the best and i’m so glad you agree hehe. excited for you to watch ATLA whenever you get around to it – definitely let me know your thoughts 😊 ty again for your sweet comment!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. welcome back dezzy! hoping to read more from you now that you are back to blogging! i’ve heard so many good things about raybearer and i cannot wait to read it soon ❀

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Ahhh Dezzy welcome back!! ❀ And what a fun tag to return with! πŸ˜€ I know it’s probably still going to be a long time before we get the new Disney+ show, but I’m SO EXCITED

    I felt the exact same way when I read Evelyn Hugo! That was over two years ago and yet I feel like I’m still picking my jaw up from the floor. And yesss I agree that RWRB deserves all the love it gets πŸ˜€ Ahhh I’m so excited to read the Kyoshi novels, even though they’re probably going to break me. It’ll be worth it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • thank you so much Margaret!! i’m really happy to be back ☺️ haha yeah i know it’s gonna be a while, but i am still SO excited for the new show ahhh 🀩 the day it releases will be the happiest day of my life

      omg same, i kinda wanna reread Evelyn Hugo now just to experience the author’s brilliant writing again :’) and ahh i can’t wait for you to read The Kyoshi Novels – so good, so intense. hehe i agree they are totally worth it 😌


  11. aw… welcome back and I loved reading this post. I especially love that this post was written at different points in time because I always leave drafts unfinished meaning to come back to them soonish. haha! I am also loving all the PJO love here, I read the original series for this first time this year and I look forward to carrying on with the next series like HoO and ToA !!
    I’m so glad to see Evelyn Hugo mentioned because I love that book so much !! I am thinking I actually need to reread it !! It was definitely crafted expertly !!
    I so want to read Raybearer and One Last Stop (when its released), I’m very excited for the both of them!!
    I only watched ATLA this year and realised I should have been watching it a lot sooner too haha !! I’m so excited to read the Kyoshi novels as I’ve heard great things and I just can’t wait !!
    ahhh… this was such a great read !! πŸ’•

    Liked by 1 person

    • aww thank you SO much Sophie, you are very kind and i really loved reading this comment!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’ž hahahah i’m so glad you enjoyed that i wrote this at 2 completely different points in time and that you get me :’) i literally have like 62 unfinished drafts in my blog posts ahahaha :’)

      i’m so happy to hear that you loved the PJO series!! it’s just such a fun and heartwarming and entertaining series, right 😭 excited for you to read HOO and TOA!! (i actually have only read the first book of TOA, i really should read the rest sometime!)

      i’m super excited for you to read Raybearer as well – it is truly a brilliantly written YA fantasy and the characters are EVERYTHING. and yeessss we can scream over OLS once it’s released together hehe :)) and omg ATLA is incredible and i had the same thought as you when i first watched it last year – why didn’t i watch it sooner?

      thank you so much again for your incredibly kind comment! ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Dezzy welcome back ❀ ❀ It's so wonderful to read a blog post from you again ❀ and yes yes ahh Our Year of Maybe is cruelly underrated, I adore this book with ALL of my heart, it deserves all the love. And I'll always be in awe of Evelyn Hugo, such a stunning read!

    Liked by 1 person

    • awww thank you so much Marie, it means a lot to me that you took the time to read my post and comment!! πŸ’“ i’m so happy to be back :)) and ahh agreed, i definitely want to reread Evelyn Hugo sometime bc i want to experience allll the emotions again 😭


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